Wellbeing WisdomWellbeing Wisdom

Alongside Catherine's therapeutic activities, she offers wellbeing workshops and events for the general public through Wellbeing Wisdom.

These workshops, courses and events are aimed at the general public, at people who wish to learn practices and knowledge that make life easier and more fulfilling. Wellbeing Wisdom's workshops combine insights from neuroscience, clinical psychology and philosophy, and share wisdom from those domains to enhance people's overall wellbeing.

Wellbeing Wisdom workshops are unique in their focus. Workshop participants learn practices to develop self-awareness, inner peace and a sense of value, some of the building blocks of mental wellbeing.

Visit the Wellbeing Wisdom website for more information.


Wellbeing Wisdom workshops are not a substitute for mental health treatment. No health information is collected in the workshops, nor does Catherine offer treatment through these workshops, she solely provides information and training. People with mental health concerns should see their GP or mental health provider.